• Town of Hagerstown — an official site for the town of Hagerstown including details about public services and the Legacy Project
  • Census 2000 — data for Hagerstown
  • Waynet — community profile and statistics
  • City-Data.com — more detailed statistics including maps and basic census data
  • Indiana Department of Local Government Finance Dashboard – The dashboard displays summary information about political subdivisions, including revenues, expenditures, and assessed values. For school corporations, educational performance data is also provided.


Wayne County, Indiana

  • Waynet.org — Wayne County Community website for information on all things related to Wayne County
  • Stats Indiana — from the State of Indiana– detailed, up-to-date statistical information about Wayne County
  • Census 2000 — data for Wayne County

Public Schools


Community Organizations

  • Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center – Wernle has been a safe haven for children since it was founded in 1879. It was dedicated as Wernle Orphan’s Home on May 4, 1879 after a bequest made in the name of Rev. Carl Wernle, Lutheran Pastor in Galion, Ohio. Children have always been the focus of Wernle’s ministry. A commitment to providing the quality care that enables growth and success has defined who we are. Wernle has transitioned from a historic children’s home into a residential treatment facility that offers help to youth in Indiana and Ohio.Wernle serves emotionally and behaviorally handicapped youth of all religious, social, economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Most have been victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, sexual exploitation, and family substance abuse. Many suffer from a variety of psychological and psychiatric problems. For some of them, Wernle literally represents their last, best hope of acceptance and assistance. The treatment philosophy focuses on a child’s ability to learn to live successfully outside the treatment environment. Wernle’s continuum of care includes therapy, education, and independent living and job skills training. We have served thousands of residents over the years in Richmond. As a non-profit, we continue to help our youth through the generosity of others through Annual Fund donations, Gift in Kind donations, and Event Sponsorships.