Library Director

Full-time, Exempt

LC2 Certification or higher


The Library Director is appointed by the Library Board of Trustees to perform professional, managerial, and administrative work regarding personnel, programming, financial, facilities, collections, and community relations functions at the Library.

Essential Duties

  • Submits recommendations for library policies and services to the Library Board and implements policy decisions set by the Board.
  • Serves on the Budget Committee with Board President and Treasurer to develop annual library budget for Operating, LIRF, and Rainy Day Funds.
  • Prepares annual reports including State Library Annual Report and State Board of Accounts Annual Financial Report.
  • Prepares materials including, but not limited to, agenda, financial reports, Librarian’s Report, and typed minutes and attends as non-voting, ex-officio member the monthly meetings of the Library Board of Trustees as well as the annual finance committee meeting.
  • Supervises the maintenance and operation of the library facility and equipment.
  • Maintains a strong collaborative relationship with community organizations, local government, schools and other appropriate organizations.
  • Interviews, hires, coaches, evaluates, and discharges employees as necessary.
  • Adheres to all personnel policies and labor regulations.
  • Coordinates development of Library Strategic Plan(s).
  • Ensures the Library is in compliance with all state and federal requirements.
  • Identifies, evaluates, and collects materials and/or adopts services in a manner that creates physical and digital collections that support the Library’s Mission.
  • Maintains electronic ledger including the generation of accounts payable and payroll vouchers.
  • Participates in community and professional organizations appropriate to the position.
  • Performs other duties as necessary and/or assigned by the Board of Trustees.


To perform this job well, the Hagerstown Library Board of Trustees has determined that Director will have the following education and experience.

  • Indiana Library certification LC2 or higher or the ability to obtain certification within 6 months
  • ALA-accredited Master’s Degree in Library Science
  • Three years of public library experience
  • A demonstrated aptitude for supervision
  • Strong financial management skills
  • Driver’s license, insurance, and safe driving record to drive personal vehicle for Library purposes.
  • Ability to pass criminal background check.

Knowledge and Skills

This list is representative of the knowledge and skills required* to perform each duty satisfactorily.  

  • Self-direction and Personal Accountability – Is able to determine what things need to be done, prioritize, and see tasks through to completion in a manner that positively affects the Library.
  • Customer Service – Provides prompt, attentive, and friendly customer service in-person, by phone, and electronically.  Seeks and responds to feedback from patrons to improve service. Shows willingness to “go the extra mile” to provide an excellent patron experience.
  • Teamwork – Cooperates and works well with co-workers, community partners, and colleagues.  Collaborates with and supports co-workers; Fosters good working relationships with and among co-workers, volunteers, and other stakeholders; supports and enables cross-training for co-workers; delegates thoughtfully and appropriately.
  • Communication and Media – Communicates ideas and thoughts clearly, accurately, and respectfully; listens to others and seeks to understand other perspectives; has knowledge of communication techniques and methods, including both traditional methods (newspaper, radio, television, etc.) and electronic mechanisms (email, digital newsletters, social media, etc.); demonstrates proficient use of the English language.
  • Ethics of Adaptability, Flexibility, Creativity, and Innovation – Demonstrates a willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities; identifies, implements, and manages change in the workplace that positively impact the work environment and patron experience; stays abreast of emerging trends in librarianship, communication, information, and other relevant fields.
  • Image – Represents the Library as a strong public ambassador; promotes Library programs and services broadly during the course of professional and personal interactions; promotes Library mission and purpose and complies with Library policies; participates in the community as a representative of the Library.
  • Technical – Maintains proficiency in using computers and a wide variety of software including bookkeeping/accounting tools; experience with Library Management System software; competency with the concepts of Library cataloging; basic understanding of internet connectivity, networks, and the interchange between the physical and virtual worlds; knowledge of and experience with managing websites, social media accounts including Facebook groups and pages, and workplace solutions such as G Suite.

Physical Demands

The Director must* have the ability to:

  • Sit for extended periods of time
  • Exercise agility of movement throughout the Library facility and grounds.
  • Type
  • Verbally communicate
  • Process and respond to auditory input
  • Read from the written word
  • Lift and/or move up to 25 pounds.
  • Push, pull, and maneuver full book carts, wheeled tables, laden hand trucks/dollies, etc.

* Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals requiring them to perform the essential functions.