2013 Summer Library Program “Homegrown Hagerstown”


Okay, everybody, this is going to be a pretty down and dirty post.  We’ve been hard at work getting ready for this summer’s library program.  This year’s program is pretty special because we (the library) are doing something a little different.  We decided that we were tired of trying to fit Hagerstown into whatever theme was most popular for libraries.  So, instead, we’ve put together a program that represents the Hagerstown we know and love.  This program, “Homegrown Hagerstown,” is designed to highlight our community’s heritage, strengths, and aspirations.  Hagerstown has long had a legacy of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.  This summer, we want to inspire you to learn something new and try something different.  Check out the summer library program page which also includes a list of our generous donors.  We’re really proud of how the program has come together so far and hope you will be, too.

You can also check out this week’s newsletter by clicking here.

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